Top 8 Tips to enjoy Torun Poland!

I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Poland that happened in last April. I got the invitation last year and thought THIS IS MY CHANCE TO GO TO EUROPE!

To give some context as to who my good friend is – he is a high school mate and we use to live on the same street. He came to visit me in New Zealand and it was a good catch up with his then fiancé. He told me that I’m invited and I said I’M COMING!.

“It’s in Poland” My friend said.

“I’ll COME TO POLAND!” I cheered, thinking to myself-  where exactly is Poland? That’s not the country that’s covered in ice and has polar bears right?

I’m not going to try and explain Poland to you where is, here’s their travel website:

My summary before I went to Poland:

A country with castles and lots of war torn buildings and people.

In reality, it has a LOT more than that, it has beautiful people, scenary, food and architecture.

Poland is a HUGE country and I have only barely scratched the surface of this beautiful place.

Since the wedding was taking place in Torun “ Where the hell is that? It’s a train ride away from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Which takes about 2-3 hours and its an old train with massive gaps between the platform and train. So if you’re tugging around 25kg luggage, do some Crossfit or something before going! You’ll be chugging that luggage around A LOT when travelling!

  • Eat their Gingerbread!

Torun is a city renowned for its gingerbread – this town REALLY loves gingerbread like no one else. There are shops selling gingerbread. Forget about what you think gingerbread tastes like in your own home, Torun’s gingerbread is NEXT level -you can taste the ginger and spices that make it up. Also its not sweet or buttery nor is it crunchy. Its got a hard exterior and a soft crumbly inside that releases the aroma of the ginger. They have their own ginger bread museum which has an interactive gingerbread making session where you get to make and take home some gingerbread!

Polish Gingerbread shop!
  • Drink Polish Vodka with the locals

The pride of the Polish people and the word vodka could be described as “little water”. Its not so little when you drink it because its alcohol content not only warms you up but it also packs quite a punch. Drinking Polish vodka is a must do -deriving from eye, potatoes or anything that the local regions have, there will be a vodka for it.

A wonderful gift from my Airbnb host!
  • Eat Pancakes in Manekin

In the old town of Torun, there are two shops called Manekin. It’s a very popular restaurant in Torun that serves pancakes. Not just ordinary round pancakes but these are stuffed pancakes that can be either savoury or desert and they are absolutely delicious!

Manekin brings the pancakes to Torun! Delicious savoury and dessert pancakes!
  • Try their Zurich!

Zurich is the gold standard of soups. Why? Because its soup inside a loaf of bread. INSIDE the bread. This is traditional Polish dish that is a “starter” – when in actual fact its freaking HUGE! Enough for a main meal. This soup has stock, ham, vegetables that is slightly watery but is packed full of flavour!

Delicious soup in bread!
  • Go on their Walking Tours

Even some light reading beforehand can’t give you enough detail of what happened. A walking tour for a small tip can give you a great rundown of the main buildings and its history. Torun founded by the Teutonic Knights (who still exist as an organisation) and it’s interesting to see how their city and people have been shaped by these founding knights.

The man who knew that the planet was round not flat!

Ok dumpling fans, you’re in for a real treat. If you thought that dumplings had reached a pinnacle in creativity then Poland has pierogi, their own version of dumplings which is quite similar and also very different from Chinese dumplings. They also have DESSERT dumplings! Delicious and yummy – go for the cream cheese pierogi and they also have baked pierogi which is similar to a meat pie but shaped as a dumpling. There is a restaurant called Pierogi starry Eye in the heart of the old Town and it is truly must eat!

Pierogi is a must eat in Torun!!
  • Climb their cathedral tower!

For a very small view, you can get a beautiful panaroma view of the entire city of Torun. You can see the beautiful merging of both old and new come together, almost like a time travel bubble where 17th century buildings are only a few streets away from present day modern buildings.

Climb up the stairs to get the best view in town! Your legs WON’T thank you later.


Torun is a beautiful town that has so much to offer and with a few days you can see a lot, feel and experience the strength and history of the Polish. LUFTA!


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