My first book review and this book is read like a buffet. With segments and chapters that have various mind nuggets of knowledge and insights of some of the most successful and driven men and women on Earth.  With Tools of Titans it encourages you to pick and choose the segments that you feel can be applied to your life right now.

Tools of Titans is written by Tim Ferris, the best selling author of the book The 4 hour work week. I won’t write too much about what the 4 hour work week is but if you have a comfortable office job – be careful, once you start reading it, you’re taking the Red pill of your so called career.

Tools of Titans is essentially an update and follow up on the 4 hour work week however instead of a ‘how to’ guide on how to achieve the ever elusive notion of freedom in this world – it is a concise summary of interviews done by Ferris and trickled out into bite sized chapters.

Motivational/Inspiration ?

Yes, the calibre of  people that Ferris interviews in his book and podcast are nothing short of human awesomeness – The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Tony Robbins, Robert Rodriguez and many more. Some of them you may not have heard in mainstream/popular media however they provide such amazing insights that can be mentally digested easily you can at least have a taste of how these high achieving men and women actually beat the shit out of their goals in life.

Is it a guide?

Not exactly. There is no ‘Go to this website’ to get this XYZ resource. If anything, its a great book to generate ideas and get your ass into actually starting something like finishing that book and painting.  Its more tips and tricks that can help you shortcut certain mental blockages you might be going through.

For me I particularly liked the tip about thinking good positive thoughts to random strangers. The exercise is to just look at the person and think to yourself only “I wish that person a great day” or “I wish this person achieves everything they set out to do”. After this exercise, which is just mere thinking – made me lighter and more grateful. Also helps when you’re stuck in traffic.

For some, not all of this will be handy or useful but at least 2/3 of this book will give you some value or an interesting insight that you didn’t know about.

Recommended reading:

HELL YES. This book is like a tasty triple layered (it focuses on Health, Wealth and Wisdom) cheesecake that boosts ignorance immunity and shortcuts to greatness while losing fat at the same time.


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