Its another Kit Kat review! Matcha Green Tea is becoming a more popular flavour especially in Asia. Matcha green tea flavours are propping up everywhere and of course Kit Kat is already on it.

Green Tea Kit Kat

This flavour is not exactly new but I’ve always wanted to do a review on it.

Unlike the Wasabi Kit Kat flavour, this one is not as exotic. However it still is a great chocolate flavour even if it has a tiny bit of antioxidant properties.


It usually comes in a plastic bag that gets wrinkles easily so its something that you put into another gift box or bag. These come in 12 packs and very bite sized. I love that the back of the Kit Kat is a space to write a message to someone – very thoughtfully Japanese!

Write a message with every kit kat!


You can see patches of the green tea powder across the kit kat!

Upon opening the pack, you can smell the Matcha fragrance straight away – I was pleasantly surprised to get a whiff of that pleasant grassy smell. Unfortunately the taste is not that strong, its overpowered by the white chocolate base. Its even more subtle than the Wasabi Kit Kat then again Match Green Tea doesn’t actually taste of much anyway. Typical crunch and texture of a Kit Kat, its wafer and cream are still good.

Crispy Green Wafer inside!

Personally I still like this flavour because it tastes less sweet than the original Kit Kat and the bite sized portions means you can’t eat too much in one go!

I’ll wait until there’s the new ‘stronger’ flavour called Koi Kit Kat with twice as much Green tea in them.

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