Kiss Kiss

Pink lights, Bright tropical Umbrellas and floral plastic clothes lined the tables. This is not your typical Thai restaurant and among the noise of Dominion Road aka Mini China Town, its a modern hip take that wants to remind you of your last trip to Bangkok.

Coming here for Lunch on a Sunday, the place quickly get packed during the lunch hour. They don’t take bookings so highly suggest that you turn up early and get ordering!

Their Thai menu reminds me of a retro 80’s magazine with colourful bold fonts and letting that make it easy to read and they have no pretentious words here at all! Great!

We ordered 4 dishes for the 3 of us and 2 drinks. Their drinks menu is extensive and they range the fantastic Aotea range – A truly New Zealand drink that has little sugar and incorporates NZ herbs and leaves in their drinks. They also have in house made Thai Iced Tea and Kombucha which will try at another visit!

The dishes have 4 categories – Buns, Shared Dishes, Noodles and Rice. All have an array of great options, I do recommend its worth having something to share and have a meal for each person. But each dish is easy enough to share anyway.

Phat Thai aka Pad Thai

The Phat Thai Thamadaa aka Pad Thai which has a prawn or chicken option, we went with the prawn option and it was generous. The serving of course comes with 2 wedges of lemon and it was wok fried perfectly.

The Neua Naam Tok is Glass noodle salad with pulled beef. Fresh and delicious it was flavoursome with the fresh mint and coriander.


The Larb, a rice dish with either minced pork or tofu was nice but not as flavourful as the Phat Thai. We had the minced pork version which was quite lean however didn’t have the aromatic spice flavour that we were anticipating.

Thai Pork Ribs – delicious!

My most favourite dish that we got was the SII KHRONG MOO YAANG aka Thai Pork Ribs with Jaew sauce. There at least 8 pieces of ribs and each one was delicious and that Jaew sauce (I don’t know what it was but it was so delicious and unique!) complimented every bite. Its so good that I would come back to just eat these ribs. At $16.50, its also very reasonably priced.

Overall its a strong 9/10 – would definitely come back!


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