I love a good horror film. Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring – I absolutely LOVE these types of films. Nothing helps your hearing better than a thinking you’re hearing voices and noises after a scary movie!

The second film review and its for an American Horror Thriller film called GET OUT.

The director of Get Out is none other than Jordan Peele of the Key and Peele show. Who would thought that such a comedian would have such a dark side to them. Watching the trailer, it was very eerie and wasn’t a traditional horror movie.

Again all reviews will be Spoiler, sugar and gluten free of course.

Summary of movie review:

Image credit: junkee.com

Title: Get Out

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Jordan Peele


Length: 1 hr 45 minutes


Terrifyingly heart pumping – Get Out features Chris who is in a lovely interracial relationship with his white girlfriend. Chris goes to meet his parents and things start to get a tad INTERESTING to say the least. For some it may seem predictable however you can’t help but feel engrossed and you’re thrown into this world of immortal possibilities…

Believable characters – Unlike other horror film characters where they are dense and dumb as a literal rock or able to be strangled with a cordless phone. These characters act rationally and are observant to what’s going on around them. It adds to the creepiness factor in the best way possible.

Heavy themes abound – This is not for the faint of heart and there is quite a bit of controversy about this film however I feel that this film wants to unite NOT divide races or cultures. Themes of slavery, identity, guilt and family are not explicitly shown but they are definitely felt in this movie. In more ways than one. This is a film that will probably be studied in film school to convey a message without being overly preachy. The cotton is important.

To consume or not consume – This is a fantastic film both from an artistic and just a good old horror perspective – with many underlying messages that American citizens still face. There are a few comedy moments that actually help with the tense moments in the film, and are almost welcome relief on the ride that is the movie GET OUT.

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