For those heading to London for a few days and love the Disney movie Aladdin, then you will absolutely ADORE this musical! I absolutely fell in love with the cast, setting, props, everything!

The Cast

Aladdin is played by Dean John Wilson who is a British local but you would not be able to pick that up as he plays Aladdin with an American accent faithful to the Disney film. He looks just like Aladdin would if he were to exist in real life. He has since been replaced by Mathew Croke to pursue other roles!

Genie is truly the show stealer here – Played by Trevor Dion Nicholas, he has so much charisma, pizazz and an infectious energy that you can’t but help ride along to his bubbly funky vibe! When he first comes on stage, you’d want Genie to have a  solo musical altogether!

Now I might be largely informed as this is my first Prince Edward musical that I have attended, also I am a HUGE Aladdin fan. Ever since the film came out all those years ago, I still have many fond memories of the

The Costumes and Special Effects

Dashing lights, eye catching pieces and fireworks! The two most memorable things were the Cave of Wonders and the magic carpet ride!

The Songs

There were three that really stood out for me:

1.Friend like me

This is the song that probably makes the entire musical worth. Genie gives Aladdin and the audience an out of this world spectacle of the prowess of his powers and wit! The ensemble cast are brilliant with everything from back flipping to tap dancing and cabaret – Your eyes will not be able to keep up with the performance

2.A Whole New World

Still the Disney Animated Classic and a great karaoke song, its performed on the magic carpet of course and its just as magical like the first time you hear it.

3. Proud of your boy

This was a song that was cut from the original Disney film and after hearing it, I wish they hadn’t! But I’m glad to hear Alan Menken’s songs especially when it is so fitting for Aladdins story!

My souvenirs that I picked up before going:

I had to buy these, for 10 pounds and my first Prince Edward experience – I want to cherish the memory and hopefully get on that magic carpet ride again!

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