It’s no secret that foodies love food – but sometimes, you just eat food because you have to. Not all foodies eat all that deliciousness on Instagram, I’d love to eat all that goodness for my job but sometimes an image of food is simply not enough without – I want to know the details, the nuances and facts that will help with pub quizzes.

I have to clarify first as well – I am NOT affiliated with any marketing, big corporation or food organisation.

So this podcast was created to give the public an informal education about food topics utilising my background of over two decades of gastronomical experiences, a Bachelor of Food Technology and working as a Product Development Technologist in the Food Industry.

Now enough with the industrial writing.

This is what I really want to say

There’s heaps of crap on the internet and people will believe anything on Facebook without actually checking the facts. E.g. Sugar is Poison!!!

All the things I will say on these podcasts are my opinion on certain foods, some random facts and extra things that people wouldn’t know about but I will throw in just to make it interesting.

Not only will I talk about physical food, but food as sustenance for the soul and brain. I feel that I want to branch out and talk more about the things that matter so this may include book and movie reviews.

About me – Yes, I’m a real person!

You know what I hate about these About pages – You actually have to try and write something persuasive so YOU the reader feel convinced that you’re reading and listening to a real person. Well I exist at least, that I know for a fact.

Born and raised in New Zealand but have travelled to Australia, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Europe next year. Coming from a family that is literally surrounded and motivated by good, nutritious and tasty food notwithstanding home grown produce, it is natural that I became very curious and interested in developing foods along those lines. I believe that food should not be regarded as food per se but as ‘life giving’ like people in the East do and have to be enjoyed and savoured just like continental Europeans do. New Zealanders are becoming more aware of the notion of good, nutritious and tasty food.

Socially, food has always been the centre of all family gatherings. Making good quality tasty dishes for others has always been rewarding.
When I was studying in university and working, I would make an array of baked goods, spreads and desserts for my friends. They would rave about what I had made years after and would ask if I could make it again. A friend had suggested that I set up a store. It seemed to make perfect sense. Bringing a passion for food to others is no easy task but something I believe in.

Hopefully the podcast will touch on these too – to me Food plays a massive role in culture and helps connect people with one another.

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